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Based in Western Washington, we are a diverse commercial hood and mechanical HVAC company, primarily concerned with the sales, fabrication, and installation of type 1 and type 2 commercial-grade kitchen ventilation hoods, exhaust fans, and make-up air supply systems.

Interstate Hood Company, LLC manufactures hoods to work in all commercial kitchen applications, including makeup air hood styles: Compensating (short cycle, Perforated Supply Plenum BSP, Back Return Supply Plenum BSP, and ceiling diffusers. All hoods are constructed of 18 guage steel and joints are welded liquid tight. We provide complete hood & HVAC services throughout Western Washington.

We aim to be the leader in the mechanical hood and HVAC industry by keeping our clients satisfied. Our goals are fast service, friendly technicians, and economical, smart solutions. our experience and longevity in the industry have provided us with a contact and partner network that numbers in the thousands. This network allows us to get what you need quickly and efficiently.